India’s Abstention at UNHRC is nothing for Sri Lanka to be obliged about

Those in the Indian-basket were quick to shower merit upon India for deciding to be on the fence in a decision that had nothing to do with Sri Lanka and everything to do with India beginning to realize that India’s … Continue reading 

Threats to reconciliation:

Threats to Reconciliation

Pre-Geneva advice for Sri Lanka

 The 3rd annual sacrilegious pilgrimage to Geneva for some has already begun. The participants obviously have varying objectives but devising a multipronged attack towards a very clear single objective. An eventual plan to create a US satellite state out of Sri Lanka’s North and an interim plan to set the foundation towards that objective. The foot soldiers tasked to help achieve this objective are now coming out in various forms necessitating the Government to not approach the issue for political mileage but to address the issues holistically and place the interests of the country before all else.

Read more

Attempting to create disharmony among the communities to divide patriotic Sri Lankans

Anti Sri Lankan LANKAEAGLE.COM masquerades behind the paint and flag
 Please be informed that the LTTE diaspora are now targeting the Sinhala community – in an attempt to break the Sinhala patriotic block.  Read More

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