Posted on October 6, 2012

With the ending of a three decade terrorist-led war, Sri Lanka achieved peace in May 2009 and thus began the phases of rehabilitation, reconstruction, re-settlement  and reintegration of the Tamil communities in the North & Eastern Provinces.  Simultaneously, began the reconciliation between the communities, hitherto divided by  war and strife, misunderstanding, miscommunication, mistrust which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans on both sides of the divides 

 This site is maintained by like-minded people of Sri Lanka and of Sri Lankan origin, in an attempt to collate and record the multi-faceted reconciliation initiatives being implemented in Sri Lanka by a plethora of individuals, organizations and Government. The objective is to be the single point of reference for the massive reconciliation efforts carried out since the ending of the war and to spur on further efforts

This site is not partisan to any individual, organization or Government but is merely a platform to share experiences of reconciliation and healing in Sri Lanka.

Your contributions by way of articles on reconciliation activities carried out in Sri Lanka are important to us as well as your thoughts and  ideas . We discourage comments and articles based on bias, racism, hatred or division of communities.

Join us in this effort to encourage and stimulate the journey in building a peaceful and harmonious co-existence and in building a true Sri Lankan Identity.

Contact us-Email:udayangani_dinesha@yahoo.com


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