Racism in Sri Lankan Tamil Community?

images (13)Why is the Tamil separatists “allowed” to be racist? The other communities are supposed to “not object” while they throw tantrums in the sweet shop!
The constitution should apply to all. No special privileges to those that label themselves as “minority communities”.
A “Minority”‎ is a minority as much as they “think” they are a minority! If people have an inferiority complex – get some help and get over it! Where Ever you go you will feel inferior because you Think of yourself as inferior! Don’t spend your life “blaming others”! Look within yourself! Drop that chip you carry on your shoulder! Life’s journey will be lighter! You will have less hate in your heart! You will make friends across religion and ethnicity! You will make up the majority!
Reconcile with yourself, your community, your fellow country people, the region and the globe! You can’t become a global citizen with hate! You are then no different to those that resort to extremism and violence! Look at life void of hatred and  blame‎. Live life as a fellow citizen. Live life as a human being!!!
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