Benevolent Doc Does Lanka Proud

walter jayasingheTHE ISLAND – 24.10.2015

October 23, 2015, 9:09 pm

Dr Walter Jayasinghe, popularly known as Dr Jay, is a Role Model to all the Sri Lankan expatriates in USA in general and in California in Particular. He has also made his presence felt in both Sri Lanka and the United States for his significant philanthropic acts in multifarious levels. Coming from a humble background, but never forgotten his roots, this simple and spirited man,.

His contribution to the fields of medicine, education, art, culture, sports and religion has been enormous. He is a proud Sri Lankan Buddhist and maintains his success formula due to his well rooted Buddhist values and never-say-die spirit.

 Out of his charity works, his contribution to the Buddhist community, to the Buddhist temples and to the Maha Sangha has always been noteworthy. Almost all the temples in California have been significantly benefited by his generous donations. The latest is his offering of a land to Lankarama Buddhist Institute in La Puente, California to fulfil a long awaited need for a parking area. This contribution from Dr Jay occurred in such a great time as Lankarama Buddhist community is all ready to ceremoniously open the new shrine room in parallel to the annual Katina ceremony.

 Lankarama Buddhist Institute has a large population of devotees and it has been inconvenient to find parking in the area, many would need to park on the street and walk to the temple. A designated parking area will make it easy for devotees to visit the temple and continue learning the words of the Buddha. The devotee community of the Lankarama Buddhist Institute is overwhelmed with Dr Jay’s timely gesture of compassion and benevolence.

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