Sri Lanka TRAILS WALK 2011-Sinhalese Help Build Hospital For Tamils

Sarinda Unamboowe’s project ‎ put together with the help of his friend Nathan, of MAS  Garments in July 2011.

30,000 joined the walk and managed to raise the equivalent of US $ 2.6 million dollars, well above the target of one million dollars.  Initial plan to build a Cancer Ward was later revised into a complete Cancer Care Hospital in Tellippilai, Jaffna.

In November 2008, the Sinhalese of the south of Sri Lanka organized a Special Train (referred to as the Brotherhood Train)  attaching 12 goods carriages to run from Matara to the  northernmost point on the rail track which remained after the  Tamil Tigers had blown up the tracks to the north.  They collected essential food,water and other necessities for the 35,000 Tamil  IDPs that managed to escape from the clutches of the Tamil Tiger  forces.  Even the poorest of the poor donated a coconut, a pound of rice, sugar, etc. Additional goods carriages had to be hitched up at Colombo Fort for the rest of the journey as the 12 carriages had been filled on its run from Matara. The value of the merchandise delivered to the Tamil IDPs housed in the Welfare Camp at Vavunia was placed at Rs.45 million , i.e. $450,000.

Very few people are aware of the generosity and kindness showered by the Sinhalese to their Tamil brothers and sisters.  The Sinhalese responded in similar fashion to assist the Tamils affected by the tsunami of December 2004, but very little is said in the western media.

Mahinda Gunasekera

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