Emerging wonder of asia


land likes no other…………i love my country……………..

Sri Lanka is the best country in the south Asian region. Less rape, less violence and less corruption compare to neighboring countries.  Hence, spread hatred against Sri Lanka by our neighboring nations. I pity these people who spread genocide bullshit.Thank you for this video.

Proud to be a Sri Lankan no matter what the haters says we are the people who lives In Sri Lanka we are the people who knows what they have done to our country no matter what the haters trying to say this is the truth about Sri Lanka, about our country we love our mother country!
Uththara Nanayakkara

Proud to be a Sri Lankan!♥
john carter

@inpkural. 1stly i think if there are 2 races that can coexis it is Sinhalese and Tamils. we look alike our religions can coexist..we pray to the same gods. and we both have been here for millenniums… but when it comes to the LTTE organization…
they wanted to forcibly divide a sovereign country
they used fellow Tamils as a human shield
they killed thousands of civilians using suicide bombers.
they used child soldiers who obviously had less chance winning against adults and it was internationally banned.
they shot down hundreds of civilians at religious places which had nothing to do with their agenda.
they bombed buses killing civilians to the point people were scared to use the public transportation.
they mass killed unarmed monks
they violated peace treaties in every possible way
AND the weird thing with the bombs is that it kills indiscriminately…how many Tamils do you think died because of LTTE bombings alone?
finally they closed down a dam rendering thousands without irrigation water… for 30 years of terror they had it all coming to them…now on the other hand…results speak for itself

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Rathnaweera Loku

Butifull cuntry very frandly people.. green -greeen -greeen  I been dere 2013…….

Proud to be a Sri Lankan! ♥

I love my sri lanka….

Our world today this way because of the fear, Sri Lanka have shown to face the fear with honest means of protecting and caring for it’s citizens. Visit my videos and see what we have done to the human peace around the world by causing fear in human with religion and politics. Work towards a resource base and stop the greed.

We should translater this vidéo into french !!

one of da best simple method for migration to any country it is as a refugees. UN countries  should accept these people, it’s all signed agreement (UN).  sri lanka Accepting pakistan and afghanistan people as refugees. and also Sri lankans migrating as refuges to europe and usa. it’s SIMPLE.
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