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To read more about the August Journey to the North Click here.
August Highlights

  • The Foundation of Goodness completed the Monitoring & Evaluation Programme conducted by Indira and Gaya and organized by the Planet Wheeler Foundation. This occasion was marked by a three day Strategic Planning Workshop funded by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy.
  • Sonali Ranaweera of Recycling4Smiles who sponsors four monthly oral hygiene workshops visited our project in Seenigama. 14 year old Sonali’s efforts is an inspiration to us all, for along with her brother Mano, she sponsors these oral care programmes every week, uninterrupted, using money raised through recycling.
  • Tamsin Greenway, former England National Netball player, conducted a netball coaching camp at the Seenigama Sports Academy.
  • The FoG Swimming Team participated in the R.M.P. de Silva Memorial Inter School Age Group Swimming Championship 2014 at the Dharmashoka College Pool and performed exceptionally well. Sports Academy swimmers Nipun Chandima and Yasindu Kavishani won the Under 19 Boys’ Championship and Under 17 Girls’ Championship respectively.
  • Upeksha Sewwandi from FoG’s Rathgama Children’s Goodness Club won the first place in the 17 – 18 year age category of the “Beauty and Serenity of Nature” photography competition held by the American Centre.
  • The Sri Lanka Ladies Water Polo Team visited the FoG Sports Academy and conducted a water polo training programme.
  • The Goodness Rhythm Dance Troupe, a sustainable income generation initiative by the FoG Dance Class had their first performance in Galle.
  • 2 Teams of 20 Psychologists and psychology students who were facilitated by Samuththana visited various FoG sectors to observe our operations and conduct children’s activities. Two more visits will take place in September.
  • Participants of the ‘Asian Approach to Social Mobility’ conference organized by The Asia Foundation visited the MCC Centre of Excellence in Seenigama to better understand the work carried out by the Foundation of Goodness.
  • FoG begins IT Training at the Kilinochchi Harmony Center and at present FoG also sponsors the women’s empowerment courses in Dress Making and Beauty Culture.
  • Tesco PLC together with the Foundation of Goodness sponsored the Under 23 North East Team participating in the Sri Lanka Cricket Under 23 Tournament.
  • Together with Muthiah Muralidaran the Foundation of Goodness is conducting renovations to update the Navodya Special Needs Centre in Mount Lavinia.
  • FoG distributed 20, 1000 liter water tanks to be placed in two villages in drought struck Polonnaruwa for provision of water distribution. 25 containers to store water for each family were also provided.
  • Community Aid projects completed by FoG beneficiaries this month included the completion and handing over of a house by the Sports Academy, a visit to a children’s home by the Seenigama BPO and ArtBanc staff  which included a cleaning programme & game of cricket, and various dengue prevention cleanup programs conducted at local schools by the Children’s Goodness Clubs.
  • FoG supporter Winston Bayley donated a large shipment of used computers to be distributed amongst FoG facilities and beneficiaries.
  • The Lahiru Pre-school conducted their annual trip, visiting the zoo and the ‘Ape Gama’ (Our Village) exhibit at Diyatha Uyana.
  • Lakruwan Wijesiri was supported by the Foundation of Goodness to attend international triathlon events in Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia.
  • The Foundation of Goodness together with Samuththana and Forté are providing ongoing psycho-social assistance, play therapy and physiotherapy to the Aluthgama community and plan to train identified community leaders with tools for counselling.
  • Read about our latest visit to the North. Click on North Journey So Far for more.
  •  The FoG is delighted to have thirteen volunteers from the countries France, UK, Japan, Denmark, Australia and Sri Lanka with us this month, adding value to our work. 
  • FoG’s ongoing programmes have benefited 4,100 beneficiaries from the South, North and East during this month at the cost of Rs. 7,437,187/- 
  • 37 Village Welfare projects amounting to Rs. 518,321.74 divided among areas such as healthcare, housing, sports, education, water and electricity were conducted this month to uplift the living standards of rural villagers to ease their burden in addition to the ongoing campus style of operation in place.
10 years in the South : 220,000+
3 1/2 years in the North and East: 16,100+

Upcoming Events

  • FoG will launch it’s 3rd Village Heartbeat Project in Monaragala during the month of September.
  • The 2014 Murali Harmony Cup will take place in October.
  • The 10 year Tsunami Commemoration is to take place on 26th December 2014. We invite all volunteers, donors and supporters to join us! Please RSVP

Olympic Gold Medalist Water Polo Player Kiss Gergely and the Sri Lanka Ladies Water Polo Team visit the Bryan Adams Pool Complex while the FoG swimmers excel at swimming championshipsRead More.  


Features: M&E and Strategic Planning for FoG

The Monitoring & Evaluation Programme organised by the Planet Wheeler Foundation concludes with a Strategic Planning Workshop in Bandaragama sponsored by the Taiwan Foundation Read more.

Sector Spotlight: 

The Lahiru Pre-school in Seenigama was inaugurated in 2006 and provides play and education opportunities in a safe environment for local children, free of charge. 200+ children have graduated from the preschool to-date. The pre-school includes a playground and Computer room and the children receive yearly essential school items and regular health and dental check ups.

Sector Spotlight: 

This is an inspirational movement and youth group for young people set up to inculcate the spirit of goodness in children as leaders of tomorrow. The members of the five CGC Clubs (Seenigama, Udumulla, Rathgama, Akurala and Kahawa) who come together from over 25 villagers united by the motto ‘Do Good, Be Good’ engage in monthly fun, educational and skill developing activities and carry out community aid projects.


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