b87f7178-4128-481c-b870-63c8ca4b1b9cWho We Are? Sri Lanka Unites is led by a core team of young professionals (Team SLU /National Committee) drawn from all ethnicities and religions, working in various fields. The committee and other members are all youth and young adults, aged 1830.

sri lanka unites
What We Do?

Sri Lanka Unites continuously takes a multi-pronged approach to promoting reconciliation. We motivate young leaders in schools across the country to understand the need for reconciliation in post-war Sri Lanka, and empower them to undertake and give leadership to inter-community reconciliation initiatives in their localities. We believe that reconciliation comes not from the cosines of a capital, but from the grassroots of a nation.
Meanwhile, we remain constantly aware of the ongoing rehabilitation needs in the Wanni and continue to actively engage in relief efforts there. We also provide school provisions and scholarships to students in other parts of the country. Our partners in these efforts include the leading civil society organizations – Sarvodaya and Foundation of Goodness.
Our flagship event is the annual Future Leaders’ Conference.

What is the Future Leaders Conference?

The most highlighted event in Sri Lanka Unites calendar is the annual Future Leader’s conference, where student leaders in this country are provided common grounds create dialogue about inter and intra ethnic issues and finds durable solutions for the ethnic unity in Sri Lanka from the grass root level. FLC also gives the opportunity to strategically influence and train leaders to influence their communities as well as to build friendship networks throughout the country.

What is Your Role?

Students attending the conference will be divided into 20 teams and each team will be consisting of 20 students maximum. A team will be assigned 3 Mentors/Volunteers minimum. Your job as a Mentor/Volunteer would be to lead your team of 20 students of various ethnic groups from all around the country throughout the 5 days of conference. You will be expected to motivate your team, advise them on the importance of reconciliation, help and encourage students in building strong bonds with different ethnic backgrounds among the team which in-turn would help build friendship networks throughout the country.

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