Love Birds in Downtown Jaffna

யாழில் கடையில் காதலிக்கும் காதலர்களின் ஒரு நிமிட சுவாரசியக் காதல்… Tamil police officer.

​”​Sri Lanka Government and our President His Excellency GAVE this freedom for our Tamil Girls / Boys. During the LTTE time ​Tamil Police officer can’t Go ​Out for Coffee with his ​​girlfriend in Jaffna, now real freedom in Tamil areas. 

LETS ENJOY THE FREEDOM without LTTE​. Girls/Boys can sit in the coffee shop and have a real Love talk.

 For what will the LTTE money collectors now collect money​???

​ ​How hard is the TNA and diaspora trying to destroy this new freedom of ordinary people?

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