Attempting to create disharmony among the communities to divide patriotic Sri Lankans

Anti Sri Lankan LANKAEAGLE.COM masquerades behind the paint and flag
 Please be informed that the LTTE diaspora are now targeting the Sinhala community – in an attempt to break the Sinhala patriotic block. 
The Tamil tiger diaspora have funded Sinhalese to set up “Think Tanks” and “Research units” to churn out glossy reports against Sri Lanka. 
Their funds reach these groups through fronts operated in the western countries. 
Those in are using Sinhalese to attack Sri Lanka – believing that they have to break Sri Lanka from within
Their information now helps Geneva to:
  • cite the Sinhalese as calling for an investigation in Geneva – Sinhalese that live off the blood money
  • cite the UNP as backing the call for an investigation in Geneva
     – Trying anything to get back in power
And of course the TNA  that is flounting it in Geneva against Sri Lanka – no surprise since 

 TNA was appointed by the former terrorist leader in 2004) 

– backed by the Western interest in the Tamil vote block and a foothold in the North against China’s support to Sri Lanka.
Do not fall prey. These individuals and groups have set up websites and advocate the Tamilnet and LTTE rhetoric. 
Lankaeagle is one such group. 
operating numerous emails and websites funded by foreign governments attempting to tarnish the country and destabilize the nation “ owner operates 50 other sites all attempting to create disharmony amongst the communities and divide people

.Please be alert and be informed. 

Think: Lankaeagle slanders the nation and the government in time for Geneva. 
Think: Is this not the time for all Sri Lankan patriots (Sinhala Muslim Tamil)  to come together to meet the deception of the Tamil tiger led campaign in Geneva?
Think: Lankaeagle has not one word to say about the injustice faced by Sri Lanka in Geneva. 
Think: Lankaeagle has not one word to say about the TNA and the Tamil tiger diaspora fabrications for Geneva
Think: Is Lankaeagle actually a group of “concerned people”? Or are they masquerading behind the paint and the flag?
Do not be deceived by the imagery that Lankaeagle carries !
Do not access their website…!
Lanka eagle
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