Ambassador Jayatilleka attends French-Sri Lankan Diaspora Youth Workshop in Paris


Members of What’s Next!



On October 27th, 2012, Ambassador Jayatilleka was invited to participate as a special guest at a French-Sri Lankan Diaspora youth workshop on “Post-War Reconciliation Dialogue for a Sustainable Peace”. Also present on this occasion were Ambassador Michel Lummaux, former Ambassador of France to Sri Lanka and Madam Sanja Jayatilleka.

The event was organized by What’s Next!, an independent forum initiated in February 2012, with the support of Ambassador Jayatilleka. Comprising of post-graduates and young professionals of Sri Lankan origin residing in France, What’s Next! seeks to promote a sustainable peace in Sri Lanka through intellectual exchange and multicultural dialogue.

The workshop consisted of four subtopics that were presented by nine panelists, all members of the youth forum:

–         The role of the Diaspora youth in Sri Lanka’s peace building process                               –         Individual and collective identity(ies): between search and struggle                                                   –          Towards an effective and sustainable economic development                                              –    Building inter-communal dialogue/understanding through the arts and culture: an   alternative approach towards reconciliation

The presentations were followed by a debate with the audience during which many concerns were raised on matters pertaining to multi-ethnicity, nation-building, engagement of Diaspora youth and the importance of the arts in a reconciliation process.

Concluding the workshop, both Ambassador Jayatilleka and Ambassador Lummaux shared their remarks on the importance of events and initiatives of this nature.

Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka with Madam Sanja Jayatilleka and Ambassador Michel Lummaux

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