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Forgive and Forget:Practising social reconciliation through the teachings of Buddha

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Published: 30/11/2010 at 12:00 AM Phra Anil Sakya is the assistant secretary to His Holiness Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, Supreme Patriarch of Thailand. He is deputy dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Mahamakut Buddhist University and a visiting professor at Mahidol, … Continue reading

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Inciting hate under the banner of human rights: TUESDAY, 02 OCTOBER 2012 00:00 Challenging the critical fault line   By Salma YusufThe recently released film which ridicules Islam and depicts the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him) as a fraud, a madman and a sexual … Continue reading

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Will the Global South be given a permanent Voice at UNited nations Security Council?

MONDAY, 15 OCTOBER 2012 00:00   The United Nations Security Council elections will be held on October 18, 2012 during the 67th session of the UN General Assembly, at the UN Headquarters in New York. The elections are for … Continue reading

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Music, healing and sincerity: A few insights for those who wish to engage

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  BY GAYA -SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 Originally published on  I didn’t know Tanya when I published  sometime ago about her event at the Kennedy Center. I didn’t know of sjc87initiative the organisation that invited Tanya to the North until I engaged with Australian Diaspora when  I … Continue reading

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Reconciliation after Terrorism: The Sri Lankan Experience

30 August 2012, 10:20 pm                                  Asanga Abeygoonasekera and Rohan Gunaratna Introduction Policy and decision-makers worldwide are grappled with … Continue reading

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First women’s BPO launched in Uduvil

ICTA launched the first women’s rural BPO on March 8 to commemorate International Women’s day. It is also the third rural BPO to be launched. This BPO, in the Jaffna District, is being launched in partnership with the Foundation for … Continue reading

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Old Royalists Donate a Library to Kulamangal RC Vidyalaya [2012-06-11 16:39:25]     EDEX Committee of the Royal College Union (RCU), Colombo extending its hands of friendship and magnanimity, donated a well-equipped library to J / Kulamangal Roman Catholic … Continue reading

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