Open and honest debate vs denial and silence?

Open and honest debate by a true Buddhist. Do other ethnic and religious communities also challenge their own to create a just society?

M. Dissanayake:
To interpret that Sri Lanka Belongs to Sinhala Buddhists is a brazen misinterpretation of the constitution . Although the constitution of Sri Lanka Gives Buddhism the foremost position above other religions it does not place Sinhala Majority above the minority , nor does it say that Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhala Buddhists .

Can anybody show where it is written in the constitution that Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese Buddhists? This Ambiguity led to this total misunderstanding that in fact appeased the Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism, hence no clarification attempted when challenged by the minority but allowed to be abused by the system of Governance which failed again and again over the years to bring Ethnic Harmony through a Democratic process and continue to do so even in the post war period .

Late Foreign Minister Assassinated by LTTE Terrorists,  Mr .Lakshman Kadirgamar was not a Sinhalese nor a Buddhist, yet his contribution to protect the sovereignty and the  integrity of this  country Diplomatically  can be compared  only to a handful of Sri Lankans living today  . I doubt that any body  would  dare to tell Mr. Kadirgamar if he would have been alive today that Sri Lanka belongs to  Sinhalese Buddhists and he is not a part of it . If we Sinhalese Buddhists exhibit such arrogance in this post war Sri Lanka , then that shows nothing but  moral , philosophical and intellectual bankruptcy . Furthermore it allows unfortunately to question if the Buddhism what we are protecting by our constitution is what Buddha taught or  is this  a Sinhala version of it?Buddhism in this country had cherished for two millennia , survived Chola invasion and also a  four hundred years of European Colonialism . If the Majority of this country who are Sinhalese and Buddhist comprising close to 70 % of the population in this 21 st century who boast about Democracy can’t protect

Buddhism under “Democracy’ then there is something obviously missing in the equation . Is Democracy  at fault or in Sri Lanka there is a Pseudo Democracy ? Our Constitution says , Sri Lanka is a ” Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka ” .

It is the time to question where is Democracy”and “Socialism “?

In the mean time it is not a bad idea to call it a “Pseudo” Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

French Constitution was perhaps written close to 300 years ago but The Sri Lankan Constitution in the 20 th century, where more opportunity was available in a modern and a scientific perspective considering the Country’s rich historical , socio -political , religious, ethnic , cultural heritage and it’s diversity . Failure of such is that some body criticizes  today a song with a title called

“This land belongs to everybody”
M. Dissanayake

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