Another Humanitarian mission by Security Forces

Fri, 2012-10-05 05:18 — editor-

Dear Sir/Madam

Today morning 04.10.2012 Kilinochchi Mahavidyalaya students went to Jaffna with their teacher A.Rajenthirakumar (age 39) to participate the official event.  

The school bus met with accident between Iyakkachchi and Pallai town in A 9 road at 0740 HRS.
19 kids sustain minor injuries and their teacher’s condition was very critical. All casualties arrived by 0815 HRS to General Hospital Kilinochchi.
Consultant Surgeon examined the patient and informed to the Medical Superintendent that patient A.Rajenthirakumar is in critical condition. He must be transferred to the nearest hospital with CT scan and neurologist facilities to find the degree and severity of   head injury and to decide further plan of management.
When we contacted the Teaching hospital Jaffna it was told that CT scanner at Jaffna hospital was on repair.
The available option is to transfer the patient to TH Anuradapura. Again Surgical and anesthetist team discussed with TH Anuradapura and suggested to airlift the patient to TH Anuradapura.
Doctors informed to the Security Forces Commander Kilinochchi Major General Udaya Perera about the condition of the Teacher and requested help from him to airlift the child. Within 30 minutes Security Forces Commander contacted the doctors and informed that on humanitarian basis commander of the army and the MOD given approval to air lift the child.
At 1001 HRS patient evacuated from Kilinochchi to Anuradapura by army helicopter.
Kilinochchi Mahavidyalalya principal can be contacted by this number for any clarification Mr Pankayachchelvan 0772395778

Can see the photos of evacuation herewith

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