Reconciliation through Peace

By E.M.D.A. Medagoda
The progress that Sri Lanka has made over the past few years from being a nation fighting terrorism to one of the most tranquil and secures countries in the world is phenomenal.
Three years have evolved after the defeat of the Liberation of Tamil Tigers Elam (LTTE) establishing normalcy in the North and successfully transforming the lives of the local population.
Under the development program “Uthuru Wasnthaya” the government is paying attention on reconstruction of infrastructure and facilities, promoting economic activities, education etc in the Northern Province. The main idea in conducting this programs is to restore true peace and reconciliation among Sri Lankans and thereby make Sri Lanka the wonder of Asia.
Nena Guna Weduma: Sisu Diriya National Program was initiated in 2006 in order to influence the lives of the young who were affected by the Kabithigollewa bomb blast. This program was conducted by the Office of Director (Social Development Affairs) to the President of Sri Lanka, Mr.Nandana Wijesinghe with the help of governmental and nongovernmental organizations.
For the past six years this programme has helped to mould thousands of lives of students around Sri Lanka. The main objective of this program is to develop personality skills, aesthetic skills, sports skills of students coupled with unity and harmony.
Nena Guna Weduma: Sisu Diriya National Program conducted by the President’s office and aided by the Ministry of Education in the Northern Province organized reconciliation program troughtraditional and modern sports as well as a Sinhala and Tamil New Year rituals including Christmas,Vesak,and Ramasan customs recently at the Mulativ beach.
The sports and reconciliation program which was themed “social integration through sports “was based on traditional, cultural and national sports. This event was held in Mulliyawelli Vidyananda Vidyalaya in Mulativ on the. Six groups which included 500 students from the North and the North Central Province participated in this event. Cricket, Netball, and Marathon were some of the games that were included in this event.

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